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Rama Novogrodsky

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My research focuses on the interaction between language development and cognitive development and how different components of language (such as syntax, semantics, phonology and pragmatics) disassociate and interact. I study diverse populations including: typically developing children, bilingual children, children with Specific Language Impairment (SLI), children with autism, children with hearing impairment and bilingual bimodal children (deaf children who use sign language).

I am deaf with deaf parents, and therefore Israeli Sign Language is my mother tongue.

In my work as a research assistant I learn new and interesting things about my mother tongue that I never knew before. At the moment, I am studying interactive communication design and social sciences at the Technion, Haifa. In the Bilingual-Bimodal project, I am responsible for developing the linguistic coding, recruiting families and administering the assessments in Israeli Sign Language.