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Wendy Sandler's books



Visual Language Frontiers


   Wendy Sandler, Marianne Gullberg, and Carol Padden (eds.). (2019). 

   Visual Language

   Frontiers in Psychology ebook.




Language in space  cover


    Meir, Irit, and Wendy Sandler. (2008).

    Language in Space: a Window onto Israeli Sign Language.

    Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.





wedny book sl and linguistic universals   

    Sandler, Wendy and Lillo-Martin, Diane. (2006). 

    Sign Language and Linguistic Universals. 

    Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.




 press safa bamerxav

   Meir, Irit, and Wendy Sandler. (2004).

   safa bamerxav: eshnav le- sfat hasimanim hayisraelit

   (Language in Space: a Window onto Israeli Sign Language).

   Haifa, University of Haifa Press. (in Hebrew).






Sandler, Wendy.  (1989).

Phonological Representation of the Sign: Linearity and Nonlinearity  in American Sign Language.

Dordrecht: Foris.