Previous Lab Members


Oksana Tkachman

Oksana Tkachman Email: Research Assistant. I became interested in sign language research while studying with Prof. Wendy Sandler. My MA thesis project focused on the noun/verb

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Natalia picture

Natalia Meir

Email: I hold a PhD and an MA (summa cum laude) from the University of Bar-Ilan. In my doctoral thesis, I investigated the influence

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Assaf Israel

Assaf Israel During the time I had worked at the lab, my main interest has been the way manual gestures are constrained in the production

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Adi Steg

  Email: I have been working as a speech therapist since 2015.  I work with children and adults with language disorders and hearing impairments.

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Itamar Kastner

Itamar Kastner A graduate student at New York University and formerly a research assistant at the lab. My main interest was sign language phonology, namely

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Anne Marie Baer

  Email: I am a native American Sign Language user, born and raised in the Deaf American community.  I attended two Deaf ASL schools

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Christina Healy

Christina Healy I am a doctoral candidate at Gallaudet University, and previously worked with the SLRL as a Fulbright scholar ( For that project we

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Tamar Halutzi

  Email: I am a BA student in General linguistics at Tel Aviv University. For several years, I worked as an educational interpreter in

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Sharon Ross

Sharon Ross Email: I completed my master’s degree in linguistics at The Ohio State University, where my studies focused on first language acquisition in

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Rama Novogrodsky

  Email: My research focuses on the interaction between language development and cognitive development and how different components of language (such as syntax, semantics,

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dalit copy

Dalit Avnon

Email: I started working as a video editor in the Sign Language Lab in 2014. I am deaf. I am a graduate of Gallaudet

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Hope E. Morgan

Email: researcher. I completed my PhD at the University of California San Diego in 2017, writing a phonological grammar of Kenyan Sign Language. My

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Rose stamp copy

Rose Stamp

Email: My research interests include sign linguistics, sociolinguistics, corpus linguistics and, in particular, variation and change within smaller unique deaf communities. For the past

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Kate Mesh

Email: My research focus is on the use of gestures by hearing and deaf people who inhabit the same community. I investigate how signers

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Federica Cavicchio

Email:  After completing my Ph.D from the Universita’ degli studi di Trento (Italy) in Cognitive Neuroscience, with a thesis on computational aspects of emotion and

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Muneera Abu Roken

Email: I have been studying different languages all my life, but I only discovered my interest in linguistics after taking a seminar course in Pidgins

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Carl Boerstell

Calle Börstell

Calle Börstell During my time as a research assistant in 2012, I worked mainly on annotating and analyzing ABSL data for various projects. Some of

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Noa Marom

Email: I joined the Sign Language Lab as a research assistant in January 2014. In the previous year, as part of my MA studies at

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